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Darrell is a social scientist, author, and visionary leader with expertise in foreign affairs, business strategy, organizational development, and innovation in higher education. 


He is the Principal of Heritage Solutions LLC, a strategy consulting firm committed to accelerating growth in online learning for higher education and business clients.  He is the immediate past Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean at Claremont Lincoln University (Claremont, California), a new non-profit online graduate university that offers liberal arts degrees with a focus on social responsibility.  At Claremont Lincoln, he is credited with establishing and scaling high performing online graduate degree programs, launching virtual innovation labs and research centers, expanding faculty development, building institutional partnerships, and leading a new university to initial regional WSCUC accreditation.  He has held faculty appointments at Louisiana State University, Tulane University, and positions at The U.S. Department of State, William J. Clinton Foundation, The Interfaith Center of New York, and as a United Nations Global Expert (UNAOC).   


Darrell holds a Ph.D. from The University of Birmingham in England (United Kingdom) and post-doctoral training in Higher Education Administration (Northeastern University) and Leadership Principles (Harvard Business School). His civic commitments include service as a college Board of Trustee and work as an Advancement Chair with the Boys Scouts of America. He enjoys hiking at U.S. National Parks and urban gardening.

Beyond Cairo tackles the problem of U.S. public diplomacy and provides a roadmap for the White House and U.S. Department of State to re-engage the Muslim world over the coming years.  This book explores, the foreign policy challenges experienced by the post-9/11 Bush White House, peace and social justice efforts during the Arab Spring, and attempts put forth by the Obama administration to restore public communication and diplomacy in an era marked by global turmoil.

 "I thoroughly support the concept of this fascinating book, and have to agree that U.S. relations with the Muslim world need to be dramatically improved."

-U.S. Ambassador John W. McDonald

Ret. Chairman and CEO, Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy

"At a time when the American relationship with Islamic peoples is of vital concern to the future of many countries, including the US, and amid great political and social change, Ezell's study of public diplomacy is essential. "

- Scott Lucas, Ph.D.

professor of American Studies,  The University of Birmingham (U.K.)

"A must read if you want to understand Obama's foreign policy concerning the Muslim world"

-Amazon Customer

CPD Perspectives series, Essays on Faith Diplomacy examines faith diplomacy and its importance to public diplomacy efforts. The publication features an analysis of post-secular discourse between Islamic and non-Islamic worlds, a study of the history of the Catholic Church's global diplomacy and much more. This special addition of CPD Perspectives is the Center's initial contribution to the literature on faith diplomacy.  CPD Perspectives is a periodic publication from the USC Center on Public Diplomacy, and highlights scholarship intended to stimulate critical thinking about the study and practice of public diplomacy.
Chapter 4. Ezell, D. "Enriching Post-secular Discourse in Faith Diplomacy"  in Essays on Faith Diplomacy  

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