DE with David Lincoln & President Aranda
Fundraiser with faculty in L.A.
DE & Rev. William Barber II at Morehouse College
With Claremont Lincoln's faculty at conference
DE and Mike Waltner of KAICIID Dialogue Centre (Austria/Saudi Arabia)
DE at fundraising gala
DE with research working group at Parliament for the World's Religions (Utah, 2015)
DE with CLU M.A. in Interfaith gradaute
DE & Dr. Vincent Wimbush
Lecture at Oakwood University
DE & Journalist Rabbi Rami Shapiro
Mississippi Chicken Film
Ezell & Bill Chandler of Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance (MIRA)(Mississippi, 2004)
Ezell planning street mass for immigrant workers (Mississippi, 2004)
Immigrant Rights Street Mass (Mississippi, 2004)
DE & Former U.S. President Bill Clinton
DE at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle
Interfaith Action/Peace & Social Justice Faculty, 2018
Holiday gathering with President and faculty
DE with Paul Chavez and son (Cesar Chavez Foundation)
DE with President Aranda and Cal Poly President Coley
DE on set with Kenny Anderson
Digital Conference 2017
DE & Ambassador Han Park at Morehouse College
DE & President's Committee on Interfaith Action
DE & Ambassador Alisher Faizallev
With Roy & Dean Carter, Morehouse College
Building bridges with colleagues
Among great colleagues
Conference on peacemaking
Among colleagues and Eric Benet
With friend Paul Chavez, Cesar Chavez Foundation
Digital Roundtable 2016
DE with European Summer Institute Fellows in Prague, Czech Republic
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Digital Conference 2017