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Why American Universities Should Offer Courses in Soft Skills

"The idea that soft skills has a place in American higher education is a new conversation that challenges traditional perspectives of whether hard measurable general education courses outweigh courses that train students in practical social skills. As both cultural and moral-based matters increase within society and the workplace, graduates will be required to navigate new terrain outside of the parameters of their general field of study.  


Thus, graduates that are capable of leading diverse teams will have an advantage against colleagues who are solely adept in their areas of specialization.  The Engineer who can display her capability to lead multinational teams across cultural lines will be poised to work for Boeing or Lockheed Martin. The same goes for the K-12 teacher with hopes to work for the Houston School District.  Given the stakes, U.S. administrators should acknowledge these growing demands and tweak its existing general education curriculum at both the undergraduate and graduate levels to prepare our existing and future millennial workforces. "


The once credible secularization thesis of the twentieth-century— anticipating the decline of religion’s role in society—is challenged by a new descriptive term, post-secularism. 1 Without notice, American foreign policy shifted over the last three decades due to an unsuspecting rise in political Islam. While the secular remains a fixed element in the field of international relations, its role is becoming less predominant in the world​


John Fiege's MISSISSIPPI CHICKEN is a rich, intimate tapestry of lives thus far disregarded by the mainstream media. The film takes the viewer into the lives of a Latin American immigrant population in a small poultry town in the New South. It explores the ongoing difficulties they face while documenting the increasing attempts to redress the balance by community organizers. Living with the people and listening to their stories over the course of one summer, this unique documentary builds contrasting lyrical vignettes of everyday life with the ever-present pressures and injustices faced by its community.

Darrell Ezell

Innovator | Author |  Administrator

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