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With over 20 years of public speaking experience, Dr. Ezell brings a fresh global perspective to audiences. A charismatic leader that enjoys practicing cultural competence, Dr. Ezell has been invited to consult NGOs, think-tanks, and academic institutions on how best to manage change.  His sense of humor and confidence combined is what captivates him to audiences and media alike.  His academic research on managing cultural change and conflict resolution provides an informed perspective on why groups  must adapt to the changing landscape caused by emerging social and cultural trends. His achievements in the United States and Europe have provided him a global platform as a dynamic speaker to deliver keynote addresses and lectures for international organizations and academic institutions. Dr. Ezell holds a Ph.D. from The University of Birmingham in England and currently lives in California.




Cultural Competence in Leadership and Education: Operating in today’s global marketplace presents new challenges for leaders. Dr. Ezell talks about the impact of globalization and the new demands for culturally competent leaders in higher education


Religion’s Impact on Global Affairs: Dr. Ezell draws from his book, Beyond Cairo, to explain the current challenges presented by religion and its impact on global decision-making in the 21st century.

Race, Culture, and Balance in the New America: America’s cultural and ethnic fissures are set to shift with minorities becoming the majority by 2044, making up more than half of the U.S. population. Dr. Ezell talks about the impact of this shift, its influence in American culture and politics, and recommendations on managing inter-cultural relations.

Don’t Blink: Darrell shares how becoming an Eagle Scout at age 15 and transforming the odds from growing up with little resources motivated him to escape complacency, complete a Ph.D. in England by age 30, and become a high impact leader. In this charismatic address, he inspires and convinces audiences through commonsense principles to seize the moment by being present and not blinking!


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Darrell Ezell

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