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Beyond Cairo tackles the cultural challenges experienced by U.S. public diplomacy and provides a roadmap for the White House and U.S. Department of State to strengthen engagement with the Muslim world over the coming years. 


This insightful book explores the foreign policy challenges experienced by the post-9/11 Bush White House, peace and social justice movements led during the Arab Spring, and attempts put forth by the Obama administration to restore foreign relations with the Muslim world in an era marked by global turmoil.

U.S. Ambassador John W. McDonald (Ret.)

Past Chairman and CEO

Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy

"I thoroughly support the concept of this fascinating book, and have to agree that U.S. relations with the Muslim world need to be dramatically improved."

Scott Lucas, Ph.D.

Professor of International Politics, 

The University of Birmingham, England

"At a time when the American relationship with Islamic peoples is of vital concern to the future of many countries, including the US, and amid great political and social change, Ezell's study of public diplomacy is essential. " 

Amazon Customer

"A must read if you want to understand Obama's foreign policy concerning the Muslim world!"
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